Junction Boxes

Electrical wiring needs to be protected from the environment, people and pets. If you have wires spliced together, you will need a junction box. The box will fully enclose all the connection parts, surrounding the area where wires join. At Paragon Tool Hire, we’re pleased to offer our customers affordable, reliable junction boxes for hire. To find out more about our superior rental services, please get in touch. Call us on 01280822282 and speak to one of our friendly advisors today or view our range below.

Types of Junction Boxes 

Junction boxes are available in a range of sizes and shapes, designed to suit a variety of domestic and commercial environments. The five main types of junction boxes are:

Standard Residential Boxes
Typically used in homes and small businesses, standard residential junction boxes are made using simple materials and are small in size. They are connected to the mains through a series of wires and can be easily installed. 

Round Pan Junction Boxes
Round in shape, these junction boxes are best suited for creating electrical junctions in ceilings and walls. They are generally made of metal and can be used in all areas of the home. 

Outdoor Junction Boxes
Used to house the entire connection of a building, outdoor junction boxes provide housing for wires that come from the main street supply. They’re made using durable materials and are constructed with security in mind. 

Octagon Junction Boxes
Shaped like octagons, these junction boxes are designed to improve the electrical functionality in the home. They are commonly installed on the ceiling, housing multiple types of wiring without taking up a significant amount of space. 

Gang Boxes 
Used to hold internal electrical wiring, gang boxes are available in a variety of versions. Users can opt for a 2-gang box to a 4-way electrical junction box, depending on their unique requirements. 

Why Choose Paragon Tool Hire For Junction Boxes?  

At Paragon Tool Hire, we’re pleased to offer our customers access to an extensive fleet of tools & equipment for hire, including first-rate junction boxes. From the Birchwood 4-Way Electrical Junction Box, to the KES-125A Phase Distribution Box, we’re sure to stock the right equipment to suit your needs.  To find out more about our superior junction box hire services, please get in touch. Call us on 01280822282 and one of our knowledgeable team members will be happy to provide further assistance.