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At Paragon Tool Hire, we feel you should be able to complete the task at hand, whatever the weather. As the nights get darker earlier during the winter, it’s not necessarily feasible to cease working at 3pm when it starts to get dark outside.

That’s where our lighting and power equipment hire comes in handy. Our lighting and power range offer the perfect solution to working in the dark or working over those colder winter months. Construction sites need power and our lighting equipment can really help brighten up the job. We offer site lighting, task lighting and a variety of power sources. Our task lights emit large quantities of light whilst also being incredibly energy efficient and using minimal energy. View our available lighting and power solutions below, or call our professional team today on 0808 506 1970.

Our expert knowledge means whatever project you’re trying to complete, we can make the process as easy as possible for you. Our equipment is reliable and our company is trustworthy, so why wouldn’t you choose Paragon Tool Hire? Our power generators mean that you can work day or night, so not only are our lighting and power products reliable, they are also extremely convenient. We also have a variety of power cables available, suitable for all types of power equipment. 

Our lighting and power solutions are available now. To learn more about our solutions in Buckingham and surrounding areas, call our friendly team today on 0808 506 1970. We are more than happy to discuss your lighting requirements.