14" Overhead Bridge Saw/tile Cutter

Manufacturer: Red Band

Code: Z40009

Model: MB120


The CST120 ALU Bridge Saw is a robust, strongly made bridge saw which has been specifically designed and developed to perform a multitude of cutting applications on a wide variety of building materials including large floor and wall tiles, roof tiles, natural stone, masonry materials, concrete slabs, blocks and similar concrete based products. The CST120 ALU has a cutting table length of 1.2 metres and a width of 660mm so it can accommodate large chunks of cutting material. The width can be further increased to 960mm with the use of a side extension (300mm), which is included. A rubber surface layer on the cutting table helps prevent the material from moving or slipping mid-cut; adding to the safety aspects of this machine and aiding with clean and precise cutting. The CST120 ALU also features strong, durable chrome-plated guiding bars that are intended to make cutting as straight forward and as safe as possible. In addition, the saw’s easily adjustable cutting head provides a depth of 110mm and a tilting rail feature that enables (up to) 45-degree cutting when angular blocks are required.

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