Garden Hedge Trimmers

Garden Hedge Trimmer Hire 

Whether you’re looking to tidy up your garden or undertake a large-scale landscaping project, our hedge trimmers for hire are suited to a range of tasks. Among our extensive fleet is the Stihl Petrol Long Reach Hedge Trimmer, ideal for trimming and shaping tall, long or wide hedges. With adjustable cutter bars and a carrying strap, the model is favoured for its superior ease of use. 

At Paragon Tool Hire, we’re pleased to stock only the best cordless electric hedge trimmers available on the market. Perfect for fast and efficient trimming and shaping of hedges, our selection can save time and effort on your garden projects this summer. Browse our range of garden hedge trimmers below:

Our Range of Garden Hedge Trimmers:

Stihl - Long Reach Electric Hedge Trimmer. This trimmer offers the convenience of electric power combined with an extended reach for tackling tall or hard-to-reach hedges. Its lightweight design makes it easy to manoeuvre, while its electric power ensures high-quality, consistent cutting performance. 

Stihl - Petrol Hedge Trimmer. Engineered to achieve a professional standard, the Stihl Petrol Hedge Trimmer is a robust and reliable tool designed to handle the toughest hedge-trimming tasks. Its sharp blades ensure efficient trimming with exceptional precision, allowing you to achieve immaculate results across your garden.

Stihl - Long Reach Petrol Hedge Trimmer. The Stihl Long Reach Petrol Hedge Trimmer is the ultimate solution for maintaining tall or overgrown hedges with ease. This trimmer provides extended reach and versatility, allowing you to tackle hedges of varying heights and shapes without the need for ladders or scaffolding.


Why Choose Our Garden Hedge Trimmer Hire Services? 

At Paragon Tool Hire, we understand that different landscaping projects will require various types of equipment, depending on the scale of the task at hand. That’s why we pride ourselves on the vast array of options available on our site, from long-reach electric hedge trimmers to standard petrol trimmers.  When you choose our first-rate hedge trimmer hire services, you’ll benefit from knowing that your workers' safety is at the forefront of everything we do. All of our equipment is maintained to the highest standards, and our knowledgeable team is always on hand to provide tailored advice and guidance.  

If you’re considering hiring a garden hedge trimmer but would like to enquire about the right option to suit your needs, please get in touch. Call us on 01280822282 and speak to one of our friendly advisors today.