Vibrating Concrete Rollers

Explore our range of powerful vibrating ride-on rollers designed to achieve smooth and uniform compaction across various surfaces. Paragon Tool Hire offers top-notch concrete rollers that are essential for road construction, landscaping and other compaction projects. Whether you need a ride-on roller for larger areas or a pedestrian roller for tight spaces, our selection ensures efficient and effective compaction. View our range below:

Why Choose Paragon Tool Hire for Ride-on Roller Hire?

At Paragon Tool Hire, we offer a range of vibrating concrete rollers sourced from reputable brands like Bomag. Our rollers are designed to provide exceptional compaction results while prioritising operator comfort and safety. Whether you're looking for a ride-on roller or a pedestrian model, our selection caters to various project sizes and requirements.

- Ride-on Roller: Twin 80cm Wide Drums - Diesel The Bomag ride-on roller with twin 80cm wide drums is a robust and versatile compaction solution. Powered by a diesel engine, this roller is suitable for larger projects where efficient compaction is essential. Its dual drum design ensures excellent coverage and uniform compaction, making it ideal for road work and similar applications.

- 55cm Wide Pedestrian Roller: Petrol For smaller areas and pedestrian-accessible spaces, the Bomag 55cm wide pedestrian roller powered by petrol is the perfect choice. This compact roller is designed for manoeuvrability and precision, making it ideal for landscaping and smaller compaction tasks.

- Ride On Roller: Twin 120cm Wide Drums - Diesel When you need superior compaction performance for larger areas, the Bomag ride-on roller with twin 120cm wide drums fits the bill. This powerful diesel-driven roller covers more ground with its wider drums, ensuring efficient and effective compaction for various surfaces.

At Paragon Tool Hire we maintain our concrete rollers to the highest standards to ensure their reliability and performance on your job site. When you rent a vibrating roller from us, you're choosing equipment that's been carefully inspected and serviced for optimal operation.

Need Guidance in Choosing the Right Vibrating Concrete Roller? We're Here to Assist!

Selecting the appropriate vibrating roller for your project can impact the quality and efficiency of your compaction work. If you're unsure about the best roller for your needs, our experienced advisors are ready to help. Contact us today at 01280822282, and let us provide expert advice to ensure you choose the right concrete roller for your compaction requirements. At Paragon Tool Hire we are always happy to be of assistance.