Construction Site Welfare Facilities

On-site Welfare Hire

When thinking of construction site hazards, the most obvious answers include chemicals, dangerous machinery and slips and trips. The hygiene and welfare of construction workers are just as important to ensuring site safety. If employees don’t have somewhere clean and safe to rest, go to the toilet or wash, this can have a bigger impact on your construction site than you might think.

Welfare facilities help to protect the health and safety of construction site workers. Here at Paragon Tool Hire, we’re proud to provide a wide range of on-site welfare facilities available to hire, to help keep your construction site safe.

What are construction site welfare facilities?

The type of welfare that your construction site needs can depend on the size of your project and its location. On-site welfare facilities are usually considered to be:

- Toilets
- Washing facilities
- An area to rest
- Clean drinking water
- Changing rooms
- Heating

Failing to provide your workers with the above welfare facilities can take a toll on both their mental and physical health. If construction workers are not provided with adequate toilets or washing facilities they will become distressed, which can result in accidents and injury on-site.

Why choose Paragon Tool Hire to provide your construction site welfare facilities?

Here at Paragon Tool Hire, our expert team has a wealth of knowledge within the construction industry. As well as being able to provide the welfare facilities your site needs to meet health and safety standards, we can proudly offer our advice and guidance on all of our products to help keep your workers safe.

View our range of site welfare facilities for hire below. Alternatively, please call our knowledgeable team today on 01280822282 to find out more about construction site welfare and how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you.