Magnetic Drill Hire

Professional and Reliable Magnetic Drills

Magnetic drills offer unparalleled precision and efficiency in drilling through steel. At Paragon Tool Hire, our magnetic drill hire services are tailored to help you achieve a professional finish with every task.


Achieve Precision with Magnetic Drill Hire

Steelwork projects demand precision, and our magnetic drills for hire deliver just that.  At Paragon, our magnetic drills streamline operations, allowing you to bore clean and controlled holes with ease. Their ability to secure to steel surfaces with a powerful magnet ensures stability and accuracy during drilling, whether it's for fabrication, construction or industrial maintenance tasks. Our magnetic rotary drill is ideal for drilling accurate and clean holes in steelwork. View our full range of magnetic drills for hire below.

Why Choose Our Magnetic Drill Hire Services?

- Each magnetic drill is meticulously maintained, ensuring optimal performance on your job site.

- With robust construction and powerful magnetism, our drills guarantee stability and accuracy, even in challenging environments.

- Our drills enhance productivity, allowing you to accomplish tasks swiftly and precisely.


At Paragon Tool Hire, we take pride in offering high-quality magnetic drills that excel in durability and performance. Rigorously tested and maintained, our drills are ready to tackle any steelworking task you throw their way. Count on us for tools that don't just meet but exceed industry standards, allowing you to get ahead of your next project seamlessly. To learn more about our magnetic drill hire services, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Call our experienced team today on 01280822282. We look forward to hearing from you.